My new best friend

I was stuck with a toxic friend and a stranger. I've replaced them with two great guys.

March Challenge: The effects of zero sugar and zero news

March Challenge summary: zero sugar, zero news. How it went, what I learned from it, will I keep doing it?

February Challenge results: The effects of publishing daily for a month

February Challenge summary: Daily publishing. How it went, what I learned from it, will I keep doing it?

January Challenge results: Great effort, great outcome, needs modifying

January Challenge summary: what it was, how it went, what I learned from it, will I keep doing it?

What happens when your article is mentioned in the Morning Brew newsletter?

What happens (and what doesn't happen) when your article is mentioned in the newsletter that goes out to 2m+ people.

How to develop a bias for action

A compilation of research, findings, and my own experience on developing a bias for action.

A Challenging Year: 2021 with twelve 30-day challenges

Twelve monthly challenges, one for each month in 2021. Zero sugar, 50 push-ups per day, doing only "boring" stuff for a month, and everything in between.

Why do so many brands change their logos and look like everyone else?

Tech and fashion logos are becoming increasingly similar, all of them using sans serif fonts. Why do they do that? And why it doesn't make sense.

To get food, I learned Selenium and web scraping in one day. And I’m not even a programmer.

I couldn't buy groceries online because the waiting time for delivery was 2 months. I decided to automate the process of checking if any deliver slot opens up and then instantly booking it. I had to learn Selenium to do this. I succeeded.

How to read large files on a Mac (CSV, JSON, etc.)

Opening text files, even the big ones, should be easy. Even huge ones. It's just text after all. Turns out, it's surprisingly difficult and I had to dig to find out a good way to do it.

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